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The heart of Pakistan Lahore has the most fascinating location with a perfect blend of industries and historical places. Pakistanis love Lahore and its aesthetic beauty, and they want modern, stylish, yet comfortable homes in the heart of Pakistan. Zaheer Associates has versatile designers and architects who believe every customer is unique with distinctive locations, so we design astonishing, mesmerizing and remarkable designs of homes.

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Town Planning

Town planning is also known as urban planning. Town Planning means managing resources. It consists of managing developments, whether present or to be developed. The entire process revolves according to the local community’s needs and provides everything that they might need to survive in the future. So, it means town planning is a great responsibility, and whenever you need to handle town planning in Pakistan and specifically in Lahore with 100% professionalism, you can contact Zaheer Associates. We know that “Great titles come with great responsibilities.” Keeping this in mind, we try our best to do all the tasks involved in town planning with extreme care.

Town planning is not just building the mosques, buildings and infrastructure; instead, it is planning the future. There should be a careful and beautiful blend of environmental needs, community and business. Zaheer Associates have many happy customers for whom we have developed customized and unprecedented towns using our professional and expert services. Before we agree to work on a project, we consider it our duty to research data, people and place. Our research helps the customers avoid unnecessary delays and maximize the return while keeping an eagle eye on the increased value. As we know, return is based on the values that our products add to the end-users’ lives.

Our services included in town planning.

Whether new or old, our customers ask about the services that they would have when we plan their town. Zaheer Associates believe in customer satisfaction, and we follow the well-researched methodologies and steps to provide 100% customer satisfaction. The process of town planning includes several sub-services. In short, you can think of a reliable, trustworthy and credible service provider who never rest until you are delighted. Let’s have a glimpse at the sub-services that we provide in town planning.

Exploring and scoping the entire project

The very first service that you will receive is exploring and scoping the project. This is the most critical step of the town planning phase. We need you’re a bit of input in this phase. The purpose of this phase is to know all the essential requirements which are gathered using first analysis and then policymaking. Do not be worried. We won’t ask tricky questions for this phase. After all, our job is to make you feel relaxed.

01.Formal planning

We do not take a single step without covering the law and government, and as you might know, we need to approve the project by the city council before getting started. Everything is on our shoulders, and this step will also be done by us. In this step, zoning of the areas is also included. The master plan is not in detail as it is just an overview. After the approval of the master plan, actual planning starts.

02.Informal planning

Master planning and feasibility check

The second service is to check the feasibility and making the master plan. A master plan would be like a road map, and we will need you to know your opinion and preferences. Again, the questions will be as easy as what you did you eat breakfast? This planning phase is informal, which means no government institute is included in this phase.

The actual planning and permitting of the designs

The soul of the town planning is actual planning, designing and getting a permit to get started. In this service, designs of infrastructure, parks, 3D view, hospitals, schools etc., are included. The actual designs will be produced to avoid any kind of hustle during the construction phase. We do not provide the 1 or 2 designs for experts, end-users and builders. We know each of them needs the designs according to their interests. So, we prepare different designs for different stakeholders.

Monitoring during the operational phase

After the approval of the designs, construction starts. As we have said so far, we do not leave you until you are satisfied. Thereupon, during the operational phase, we perform inspection along with our Quality Assurance (QA) team. The experts of Zaheer Associates ensure that the material used is up to the mark and the construction continues while considering the international standards as well as standards explained by the government of Pakistan.

You can call us 24/7 to book the appointment and consult your project, as we believe the best starts with proper communication.