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The heart of Pakistan Lahore has the most fascinating location with a perfect blend of industries and historical places. Pakistanis love Lahore and its aesthetic beauty, and they want modern, stylish, yet comfortable homes in the heart of Pakistan. Zaheer Associates has versatile designers and architects who believe every customer is unique with distinctive locations, so we design astonishing, mesmerizing and remarkable designs of homes.

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Landscape Architecture Service

People need places to go where they will be close to nature and feel relaxed. Zaheer Associates has more than 5 years of experience creating an aesthetic, unique, charming, and inspirational landscape. All the landscapes created by Zaheer Associates serve the purpose and needs of the communities. For each landscape architecture, we read, study and research our clients and community for unprecedented results. Zaheer Associates provide exceptional landscape architecture service in Lahore. You can contact us if you want to hire us for landscape architecture service in any part or city of Pakistan.

Zaheer Associates’ landscape architectural services aim to add value and create a fully customized design according to the traditions and culture where the landscape will be built. We have experts with divergent skill sets, which stands us out among our competitors. The underlying primary and critical ideology of Zaheer Associates is that every project is unique, especially landscape projects; hence not a single thing can be similar to any landscape. Another important working idea is that we build a personal and deep understanding of the people and place to successfully complete the project. The understanding helps us to know the expectations of the localities associated with the landscape architecture project.

Zaheer Associates are committed to complete the projects at a high level and giving importance to each project. Our previous works are enough to prove our level of expertise, skills, commitment and abilities. When we mention the word customization, we mean to design aesthetic and unique landscapes that will catch foreigners’ attention. We also have the skills to create designs for open and closed places. From making strategies to developing a master plan, our works speak the language of quality and satisfaction.

No matter your choice, we always come up with innovations and modernizations. When it comes to the greenery in landscapes, we also aim to protect the biodiversity and create a soothing effect in their shelter for the local community. A sure thing included is to study the feasibility of a plan because only when we can assure the customers of the success of the projects.

We honour your choice and opinion; thereupon, we include you at every step of the project. The inclusion of the customers makes the complex projects a piece of cake. Our experts then have a complete idea of what they actually want, and they no longer remain alien to their projects. As we have mentioned earlier, we study people. The reason for studying people is to know what they think of the project and how the project will communicate (positive or negative) with them.

The phases included in the Landscape architecture service

Landscape architecture service is a combination of various phases. Zaheer Associates makes sure that each phase is done at a high level and no single phase is compromised due to the participants’ neglection. We have provided a brief explanation of each phase for you.

01.Feasibility study of the place

Some places are not meant for landscape, and only an expert can tell you this after completing the analysis. That is why Zaheer Associates keep this job the very first step of any landscape project.

02.Planning according to the place

After analyzing the place, the experts of Zaheer associates create the plan. The plan is always unique according to the place.

03.Development approval

Zaheer Associates cover the law in each project to avoid any future complications. The approval of the plan is necessary after creating the plan, which is done in this job.

04.Designing phase

The detailed designs are prepared by experts. We use our exceptional skills in preparing designs. These designs may include the designs of park and playground, rooftop garden designs, the designs of watery spaces, and so on. Each landscape design is unique, and not all types of designs need to be included in a single project.

05.Operational phase

The operational phase starts after the preparation of the designs. In this phase, the actual construction starts. The experts of Zaheer Associates decide how often they can visit the construction site to check the quality and pace of the work.

We have explained the phases briefly. You can visit our office or contact us on call to know more about the landscape architecture services by Zaheer Associates.